A FUNDRAISER for baby Etienne


I would like to announce that I am starting my first ever fundraiser.  Baby Etienne is a 7 month old little boy, he has a rare, life threatening genetic condition called Severe Combined Immune Deficiency, which affects an estimated 1 in 100,000.

There are no bone marrow matches for Étienne in the donor registry. It’s more difficult to find matches for him because of his ethnic diversity.  Learn how to register to be a donor here.

Étienne’s only long term treatment option is Gene Therapy, a type of bone marrow transplant in which he would be his own donor. He is enrolled in a clinical trial at UCLA in Los Angeles, and his transplant surgery will take place in April.

How can you help?  You can donate directly if you live out of town by clicking HERE

If you are local you can book a mini session.  For every mini session booked  I will donate 50% of my fees  to his family to help cover the extreme costs that they will be facing having to leave Canada and go to L.A. for his treatment.

BOOK TODAY a session is only $50 and you will get a CD of high resolution images to print, post and do as you please.


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