Professional Photo labs VS. Consumer labs

Many of my clients now know that I offer glorious prints, canvas and gallery blocks.  I have said numerous times, maybe even coming across pushy, how important it is (to me) that you get your prints through me, instead of using a consumer lab like Costco, Wal-Mart, Shutterfly and Snapfish.  Here are some examples of why.  I am currently in the process of building my sample gallery for you, so here are example images I borrowed from another professional.

Image credits to RebeccadanzenbakerCredit to image :

Images printed by (top to bottom)  Millers, Shutterfly, Target, Costco.  Do you see the difference? Take the thickness of the paper for example (in her photo is mounted, from Musea this IS the paper)  The top photo (Millers), is true to the colour of the baby, the lighting is perfect and soft and all the details are in focus.  The Shutterfly photo is nearly yellow, its out of focus and her mouth is a strange colour.  Its also horribly over processed and the highlights are too bright. Target, yes we don’t have them in Canada anymore but you can see the over exposed highlights and the white blanket is ivory, not white.  Costco  the baby is blue and she looks almost like she isn’t with us anymore.  Its also under exposed/dark and still has the same problem with poor highlights and a loss of sharpness.2013-01-31_020

My prints are done through a couple different pro-labs, my favourites are Millers, Musea and NPL.  By using a pro-lab I am the one who chooses the colours that are in the image, I choose exposure and I choose the paper quality and I choose MUSEUM quality paper.

I know I may be coming across as snobby, or pushy or rude even but I assure you that isn’t my intention.  I am passionate about photography, I am more passionate about my clients and having them be able to have their memories true and honest forever.  I would hate for you to trust me with your most precious moments only to have poor quality prints to remember them by.

So please consider this post the next time you ask me why charge $X.xx for a single print.  I want you to have the best, you hired me because you trust that I will deliver you the best, the best session, the best images and the best memories, let me deliver you the best product as well.


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