Newborns and Babies

Newborns and babies are amazing, that little miracle you have created for the last 9 months of your life is finally in your arms.  Working with babies is what makes me crazy about my job.  I could take photos of these perfect tiny people all day, every day, and never be bored.




Ashlynn is just a little ball of perfection.  She is my own daughter, and just a ball of fire and personality.  This little girl is my entire world, and definitely the reason I absolutely jump for joy for every single session I get involving babies.


  This lovely doll Chalisa is 4 weeks old.  She was such a pleasure to work with and has the most beautiful head of hair!


Here is an amazing 2 week old little man.  J.C loved sleeping on the heating pad and sucking his mommies finger in between shots.  He is an absolute doll!


Such a beautiful photogenic little boy.  I love his auburn hair and cute little lips.

Ethan & Evan

Happy birthday boys, 100 days old is quite a milestone!  These boys are so beautiful and were so much fun.  They had completely opposite personalities as well; I can’t wait to see updates on how they are doing.

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