What made me become a photographer?   I honestly believe that I was born as a photographer.  Once I passed the phase of wanting to be a Veterinarian I realized that I wanted, needed, to do something creative with my life.

My first memory of photography is of my dad, he had an amazing Pentax film camera and he took it with us on our family vacation to Disney Land.  I remember him taking a photo of a flower in the park and later when we were home it was the perfect image; just the orange flower was seen, the greenery and everything behind it were black.  It was like the flower was popping out from nowhere and on display for the world to see and appreciate its beauty.  Being a young child you don’t always know what is out there in terms of careers.  I thought that photography wasn’t a career choice but a hobby, I didn’t even know any photographers.  Im old (33 years old) this was before internet was available for everyone!  So I dabbled in photography, did photo shoots for my friends and took landscape images whenever possible.

Fast forward a number of years and I’m leaving Canada to go live in Mexico (AWESOME!)  I have decided that I want to work for Vallarta Adventures, which is an adventure tourism company, and I want to be a dolphin trainer.  Well unfortunately in order to do that I would have needed to volunteer for about 6 months and I did not have the luxury of no income for that amount of time.  Luckily for me their photography department was hiring and I was offered a position immediately.  A perfect blessing, someone is going to PAY me to take photos?!  Yes please, when do I start?  After working for V.A for nearly 2 years I returned to Canada with my camera in hand and a vision of my future:  I will be a photographer, I will help people have their memories forever, I will capture these precious moments and I WILL be successful.

I may not be a household name yet but I am working towards it.  My passion, drive and sheer enthusiasm as well as skill show through in my work.  So why would I want to work for multiple hours, all hours of the day and night (around my daughters nap schedule)?  Why do I spend my free time scouring the city looking for the perfect location?  Why don’t I want that 9-5 job?   Because I AM a photographer, this is what I was born to be.