What to wear for…

Picking your outfit for a photo session can be a daunting task, scary and frustrating.

“Is this the outfit I want to remember for the rest of my life?  Does this really represent me or my family?”

When in doubt ask your photographer, there are many different styles of clothes that will look perfect and timeless for different sessions. Today I will focus on my maternity clients.

Most importantly discuss with your photographer whether you want an indoor or outdoor shoot. In my case are you hiring me for maternity boudoir?


For indoor shoots makeup is very important, it needs to be more dramatic than when shooting outdoors.  There isn’t as much natural light flooding your face so makeup will help highlight the features that may be missed.

Clothing, simple is better.  Avoid patterns, especially stripes!  Not only do stripes photograph poorly but they create a poor shape on nearly every single body and at times may accent all the wrong curves.  Empire waist, empire waist, empire waist.  I love the shape these create, with a simple change in the placement of your hand or your partners hand we can accentuate that glorious baby bump and at the same time you are comfortable in loose fitting and cool clothing (you will love me for this especially if you are pregnant in the middle of summer and book your session)

Lace babydoll dresses and nighties, open front, these are something I supply for the session to my clients.  They create a timeless and classic look, aren’t trendy and, well, lets face it, lace will always be beautiful.

Shoes: Bring three pairs, one pair of sky high stilettos (for posing NOT for walking) a pair of cute flats and a pair of sandals/flip-flops or slippers if you have cold feet for your downtime and during set/background changes.  Also slippers or comfy shoes are great if you get tired and need a rest – which often happens for maternity shoots that happen later in pregnancy.

Get your hair done professionally, make sure it is DOWN and not in an up-do.  If your hair is down its much more soft and accents faces much better than a pony tail or up-do.


Outdoor shoots need more natural makeup, if you have heavy shadow and liner it looks like you got lost on your way home from a party and doesn’t quite fit the scenery.

Clothing, simple again.  Wear natural colours and try to wear something that will pop.  Examples: if you are shooting in a forested area of a super green area try to wear something bright (including bright white) so that you stand out from the green background.  If you are in a more urban area feel free to wear some rich greens burnt reds or any colour that you feel matches your skin tone.  For ME i prefer my maternity models do not wear black (except for boudoir) because I feel that black is the colour related to sadness and these are definitely not sad times.

Shoes:  Again bring 2 pairs.  One pair of comfortable flats and one pair of something more dressy.  It makes it much easier and safer to walk along trails and do some gently hiking if you are wearing flat shoes with good soles.

BRING SUNSCREEN, some of you may notice that your new pregnant body burns much easier than it used to.

I also suggest you have your hair done, and keep it down as well.

Most importantly and above all else wear something that makes YOU happy and speaks true to who you are.