Portraits, where someone sits in a chair and smiles are NOT what I do.  Not even close.  I prefer to take photos to show who you really are, and what you really do.

My specialty is working with people in their natural environments, and taking awesome photos of them.  It seems so much more personal, to have a photo of who you are, as opposed to a photo of what you look like.


I also work with pets, this is always a riot, nothing goes according to plan, and I love it.




Lindsey recently hired me to do some photos for her personal collection.  She wanted something different for her Facebook profile, and great photos can make a woman happy and confident in herself. I recommend a private shoot for everyone, it will truly help you see the beauty in you that everyone around you sees. To … Continue reading Lindsey


I recently was given the honour to accompany my best friend to the baby shower for her first baby.  This was a beautiful religious ceremony, and following the amazing Indian traditions of lots of colour I was definitely not let down.  I am proud to share these photos with you, and hope you enjoy them … Continue reading Ceremonies

Artistic Snow

Here are the first few photos from my winter shoots.  I am looking for another model as well. Anyone may enter, but what I’m looking for is : 5’10, African American (or very dark), female.  To audition please send a photo to

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